Sunday, June 14, 2009


  1. Once planted, palms and its environment will require regular periodic attention to ensure proper development of the cultivar. For purposes of administration and accounting, the maintenance of palms and fields are treated in two stages, immature and mature.

  2. Immature is defined as the period between planting and harvesting and can vary from 26m - 36m and during this time will require a high level care and attention available.

  3. Palms are considered mature once they are harvested and all aspects of field/plant husbandry must be attended to periodically or as indicated to ensure continued satisfactory developemnt and optimum yields.

  4. It is useful to know in advance what work shoul be carried out and the timing of such operations to ensure that the palms and its environments receive the required attention. These can be summarised as follows;-

The foregoing covers almost all operations generally necessary to maintain palms/fields in agriculturally acceptable condition and should ensure optimum growth and yield throughout the life span of cultivar.
(Detail discussion will be given later).

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