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To improve fruit set and consequent oil and kernal yield per bunch without incurring the high cost of manually assisted pollination.



Those estate which do not have the weevil already establishd should take immediate action to introduce the weevil (Elaeidobius kamarunicus).
Introduction should be achieved by placing batches of the weevil, say 100 per 40 hacters, in all areas now under assisted pollination.

Sources Of Weevil

Can get from any oil palm estate whose had established assisted pollination. If your estate locate nearby the estate with assisted pollination no need for you to get it because the insect multiplies and spreads very rapidly ie. within 6 months from the original center of release it can significantly populate some 12,000 ha. of oil palms.

Numbers of weevils required for pollination

The present indication in number of weevils required for good pollination is about 35 per male inflorencence.
At suggested rate of introduction this build up should be achieved within 3 to 6 months.


Take a monthly cencus of population build up in each assisted pollination area, say every 10th palm in every 10th row and record build up over a period of 6 months from initial introduction.
also observe the record activity of other insect etc, which may be interfering with the weevils. e.g large populations of ants may drive away some of the arriving pollinating weevils and assasin bugs, earwigs, spiders and birds may be significant predators of the weevil either in the larva stage or in adult stage. However unless predation reached an extremely high level it is is unlikely to affect the efficiency of the fasr multiplying weevil.

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